Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facial Hair Care Tips.

This here is a section for what kind of products we use on our beards to moustache wax brands. There has been questions posted about that kind of stuff here on our page and on other beard pages. Feel free to start throwing out questions or tips.
Moustache waxes I have used. Clubman which is very sticky and feels like you forgot to wash out your 'stache. Upside to it is that is readily available and quick to comb in. Firehouse dark is a heavy wax that has to be heated up before use and feels like it tries to pull on the hairs. Upside to it is that you don't have to reapply it if you want to keep your 'stache styled for a couple days, good hold, and pleasant smell. My current is from Reverend Harrington. The Xtra hold has a nice lavendar smell, easily applied, and holds well. The Vicars blend is a stronger hold than the Xtra. It smells kind of woody, easily applied, and great hold. Down side may be the scent to some. On the Reverend site he says he will personalize it to the scent you want.
For beard care I am using Argan oil which helps softens the hairs and moisturizes my skin. I also use the shampoo and styling cream. These are readily available at Sally's beauty.

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  1. These are good and wonderful tips for hair care. Thanks for the entire tips.