Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Campout of the Bearded Weirdos. 08/24-08/26

This weekend was the first campout for the Utah Beardsman Alliance and very successful. We all started rolling in to the East Canyon State Park around 8 in the evening.   I was the first to arrive.   One of our campsites was temporarily taken over but they eventually left.   There was a total of 12 people that came out to enjoy our festivities.
Friday evening was spent getting everything setup and helping each other.   After the work was done a late dinner of hot link dogs and some hobo dinners were cooked in the fire.   Drank some home brew and stayed up and talked till 12:30.
Saturday was a long and very fun day.   It first started of with a very large breakfast consisting of sausage, bacon, eggs, and pancakes.    After we ate and cleaned up some of the group went separate ways to do their own things.  Half stayed near camp playing on the beach and the rest went to ride wave runners and swim.  
Saturday evening was a party.   We all got back together at one campsite and grilled up a mean dinner.   We did some pork ribs, pork loin, corn on the cob,  various salads, rolls, chip, cookies, and cobbler.    We ate an till we couldn't eat anymore and still had food left over.   After all the eating we held our meeting and some got their drink on.
Sunday was once again another day of a good breakfast.    After we all ate it was time to breakdown camp and part ways.   The nice thing about this trip is we had seen each other more than the usual couple of hours once a month.       

Loaded up some firewood.

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